Style Test

The text in this page is supposed to demo whether the CSS stylesheet is being handled in an ASCII-only or non-ASCII case insensitive manner. The stylesheet reads:

p.grün { color:green; }
p.GRÜN { background-color: yellow; }
p.grÜn { border: 2pt solid; }

If the handling were strictly ASCII case-insensitive, only the last item would have green text (and it won't have a box or background color).

Class name is GRÜN.

Class name is grÜn.

Class name is grün.

Testing the Turkish case. In this case, you should see only the ASCII styles matching each other.

p.ii { color: red; }
p.II { background-color: cyan; }
p.İİ { border: 2pt solid; }
p.ıı { text-decoration: underline; }

Class name is ii.

Class name is ıı.

Class name is II.

Class name is İİ.

Testing the non-Latin case. This should work like the first case.

p.рускии { color: green; }
p.РУСКИИ { background-color: cyan; }
P.Рускии { border: 2pt solid; }

Class name is рускии.

class name is РУСКИИ.

Class name is Рускии.